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Why do women think that guys hitting on them in bars is creepy? Try reversing the roles.


Meet the 98-year-old only woman with a 10th Dan Judo black belt

There are only four people in the world that have tenth Dan in Judo. Three of them are men, and live in Japan. One of them is a woman, and lives in the USA. Her name is Keiko Fukuda, and yes, she is a badass.

A 98-year-old badass. That's right, she's 98 years old and she could still kick our asses. Hard.

It's been a long time coming for Fukuda, battling against gender discrimination in the world of Judo for all her life, seeing dozens of male martial artists get higher ranks than her despite her superior skill.

Still teaching in Noe Valley, San Francisco, Judo USA finally announced her promotion to coincide with Fukuda's annual International Kata Championship at San Francisco City College.

"The time was right," said one board member. Fukuda's reaction? "All my life, this has been my dream."

Dang it, now we're welling up. It might be the sheer awesomeness of it all, or it could be the inspirational video footage we have for you below, or some this piece of manly grit that's just got in our eye. We're just not sure really. Sniff.