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Mas Macho is a men's lifestyle publication highlighting the sexiest girls in the world!

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What do girls really look for in a man? Arms, apparently

Women are beautiful, smooth creatures with glistening eyes and shiny hair -- that's just science. They can't help it.

Not only are they pretty and soft, but they're also intelligent and fair-minded, to that ends it's not hard to see why men are attracted to women. Men on the other hand are grumpy balls of hair on legs... even the supposedly "good looking" ones.

What draws women to men has long since been a mystery (or at least it has for the stunted narrative of this intro) until now. A team from Cosmo for Guys rigged up a dude with cameras and sent him off into New York to find out which body part girls checked out when talking to him.

Mainly, it seemed the girls he encountered liked the fact he had arms, which is a bonus, because we've got two of them. Get in!