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A Woman's Perspective on Premature Ejaculation

For this, the final Woman's Perspective, our girl was under a lot of pressure. After over a year of bringing you her weekly take on such disparate subjects as anal sex, swingers, porn, Dr. House, glasses, video games, the Internet, getting laid, bachelorette parties, strippers, the G-spot, "Lord of the Rings" and Dutch ovens, she felt she had to somehow top it all in one final, explosive finale.

Then she just said "F**k it" and phoned it in like always.


A Woman's Perspective on Fellatio

Oral sex -- the kind of sex you do with your mouth! That's the topic of today's "A Woman's Perspective," and what else do you need to know, really? Hear Asylum's token girl explains how to get the most excellent beej.